Salton City new development

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OK, I'm not posting this video because I think it is all that good, but rather because of the really weird comments I'm getting on this on YouTube. Check out the comments and see the people I get to fly around in Southern California.
Bound for anywhere
Carrizo Plain National Monument

  1. Here’s my favorite comment: “I inherited $100,000 worth of land in this God forsaken shithole area. They had started to develop the culdesac that my property is on. Put in the sewer system and sidewalk. Gave up because of the economy, and another failed effort to bring in fresh water to revitalize this stinky dying lake. Now my land is worth 10 cents to the dollar! If you want to see White Trash at it’s finest and experience what the end of the world would look like, book your ticket to visit the Salton Sea! Actually seeing the Salton Sea at least one time in your life would be something worth experiencing. You will leave feeling lonely and dumbfounded. Oh, by the way, this is some amazing footage! But you really need to see this place in person!”