Majestic polar Bear

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© All rights reserved - by Florian Ledoux
The great polar bear called Nanuk in Inuktitut is an impressive animal. On this photo we can see him crossing between two sea ice pieces, or we can imagine him trying to hold it as it melt away.

We spent every day trying to spot polar bears and then we saw fresh tracks and knew we were close.

We all stayed on a deck trying to find it anywhere, looking constantly at the endless horizon with my binoculars, and then I saw something and I had to double check, but it was the king of the Arctic, swimming only a few metres away from the boat.

Tears started to come to my eyes and my heart was beating faster and faster as we followed from a distance.

During the expedition in extreme high arctic we met 13 polar bears.
I will never forgot this experience and the time we spent learning how they live.

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Torre de la Sal
The Majestic Beast Nanuk