The most famous waterfall in Iceland Gullfoss

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The most famous waterfall in Iceland Gullfoss, has an impressive double cascade (2 in 1). Water drops even 32 meters down the wall in the groove, which flows further into the Atlantic Ocean. On sunny days fog creates glittering rainbows, as well as winter, the cold overflows the water and turns the waterfall into a huge drainage. Due to the gray, wet days, the fog can wrap a second cascade, which makes the waterfall look tiny. Although this is a great place for your eyes, the remote location still allows you to feel the inexplicable of nature that has worked for thousands years in this landscape. Once this place belonged to the local farmer, he was offered an impressive amount with which he refused and did not sell his "FRIEND". Local capitalists would hide this natural creation and you would see hydroelectric power plant instead this beauty ... Now it is a natural reserve.
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