Frequently Asked Questions for Drone Pilots & Services

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How to create a Listing on Dronestag Directory?
  1. Create a User Account
  2. Choose your Listing Plan from the Pricing page and hit the Join button
  3. Fill-in the Listing Form and Submit it
  4. At Checkout page, proceed the payment by credit-card (apply here your Discount code if you have one).
  5. Hit the Pay Now box (or the Continue one if you have a free coupon code) 
  6. Your Listing Plan is now waiting for approval by Dronestag. 
  7. An invoice is available through your Account/Settings/Invoices
  8. Once  your listing is reviewed and approved, it will be Published and you’ll receive an email notification.
  9. From here, you can Edit your listing and add more infos, links or images, depending on your choosen Plan.
  10. Thanks for joining the Dronestag Directory community.
Why subscribe for Premium Listing ?

  1. Premium* Listing on Dronestag Directory increases the visibility of your drone business by adding a high-authority domain backlink (DA 67) to your website (NB: *Standard & Free Listing don’t receive any backlinks, only Quote/Contact Requests)
  2. You can also add links to your social media/Youtube channels. 
  3. Top rated drone pilots or services can be featured on homepage if they subscribed a Premium Listing
  4. Your Listing featured on our Social Media (Facebook 38K followers)
  5. Improve visibility and traffic to your drone image portfolio, with a specific direct link.
How to get and apply a Discount Code?
  1. We issue from time to time Discount coupons and make it available widely
  2. Discounts are valid for a short period of time, so be sure to use it promptly
  3. The discount is applied for the Yearly Plan you are buying: if the discount code is a 50% Off, then you will pay half-price of the regular rate for the coming full year. On the renewal date, you will be charged full price, unless there’s a new coupon by that time.
  4. The best way to know about it is to Subscribe to our Newsletter or follow us on social media (see the website footer)
  5. When you get a coupon code, you can use it either to create a new listing for your business, or upgrade your plan from Standard to Premium, for instance.
  6. Apply only a valid Discount Code at Checkout, otherwise it will not work
  7. Hit Apply Coupon and check the amount discounted on your invoice
  8. The amount to pay is therefore the discounted one
  9. Thanks for joining the Dronestag Directory community!
How to Fill and Enhance your Listing?

Congratulation, your listing is now online and published, ready to be indexed by Google and all the Search Engines, but are you sure there’s nothing more to do to enhance it and make it more attractive and well optimized?

Of course, there’s many ways to do it !

So lets jump into it and read our tips and advises on those pages :

Can I Monitor Visitors Activity on my Listing?
  1. Yes, you can view the traffic passing by your listing with Google Analytics.
  2. First, make sure you are logged-in.
  3. Only you can see your own statistics. No one else can and you can’t see other users ones.
  4. Scroll down and look on the right just below your Video portfolio and the Tags column. 
  5. Open the Listing Analytics window and view the number of visits you have Live (Active Users figure) 
  6. You can also view the visitors activity per period.
  7. Change the period and compare it to the last Week, Month or Year.
  8. Monitor your visitors hits with the Top Countries chart.
Is there any commission to pay to Dronestag Directory when a client hire me ?
Dronestag Directory is a commission free service because we only offers B2B connections. Prospects find and contact the needed drone pilot or service, through Dronestag Directory.
Drone Pilots can be hired and Drone Services can make business directly with customers from all over the planet, without paying any commission to a middleman. Therefore, Dronestag Directory doesn’t take care of the contract between the subscriber and the customer, nor of the invoicing and payment of the amounts due following a service achieved thanks to the connection through Dronestag Directory.
I’m not a certified pro drone pilot : can I join the Dronestag Directory ?
No, sorry, the Dronestag Pro Drone Directory is only open to drone professionals wishing to be listed and contacted by potential customers.
We select the best professional drone pilots worldwide and make sure that they are entitled to legally fly a drone in their country (upon submission, pilots must show us a copy of their national civil aviation authority certification).
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