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Kayaking Halong

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KAyaking in halong bay. Discoverying caves and incredible scenery

Crops from above

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Looking down on Irish farmland

Through the greens

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road crosses organized green crops in vietnam

El granero del mundo

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Workers finishing some testing of a new tractor to prepare for the season


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Rural Ariège, France

Tree in field

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Zenital view of a lonely tree in a field

Crops near Teresópolis (2)

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Crops near Teresópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Crops near Teresópolis

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Crops near Teresópolis City, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Severe Side Wind!

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The wind blows as a combine harvest a field of lentils in Idaho! www.jeffzenner.com www.facebook.com/jeffzennerphotography

Crops growing

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Symmetrically growing crops are amazing!

steve samosa

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The Beet Eater ready for Harvest 17

Barn Lollipop

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I am very eager to see the patterns that reveal themselves when I explore the view above ground level!


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Farmland across the borough of St Helens.


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Cabbages as far as the Drone can see!

Just Cabbage

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Winter cabbage field

Just Maize

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Maize fields

Old and New

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Two grain storage structures sit side by side in a Saskatchewan field.

Harvest Time

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A combine harvester at work on a farm in Manitoba, Canada.

Irrigation Circles

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Circles of crops created by irrigation machines in Montana.

Hannes Eichinger

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Sexy woman with white, blue dress goes and dances by in rye field

Hannes Eichinger

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sexy woman with hat and short jeans and sunglasses is in rye field in summer


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Up top at Billinge Beacon St Helens.

The protection of Maize

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Plastic lining to assist the growth of Maize in Northern Ireland

Irrigation Streams along the Delta

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Streams the deliver water to the crops in the Delta