Like And Bookmark

Like And Bookmark

Bookmark and save your favorite images for later.

This has certainly happened to you before, and it may happen often on DRONESTAG. When you like some drone photos or videos but don’t have the time, or are worried about forgetting it, then it is a good idea to Bookmark it or add it to one of your thematic collection, or more simple, just hit the heart symbol on top right of the image and it will be added to your Favorites Collection!

With the bookmark feature you won’t miss anything. If you come across a photo that you like, just save it to your bookmark collection and you can find it whenever you want to admire it in greater detail.

To do so, just click on the white bookmark icon on the top right corner of a picture. Done.

Of course, you can also like it and comment on it, which will increase the notoriety and thus the visibility of its artist, and will keep the community alive.

Another way to thank the photographers who make their drone fly with talent !