How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Drone Photographer?

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Drone Photographer?

Aerial drone photography is by far the leading technique employed today by videographers to make engaging, beautiful, and professional-grade short videos. Technology has gotten to the point where videos can be shot in vibrant 4k Ultra HD at heights up to 120 m, adding a dynamic to video shooting for low-budget productions today that wasn’t possible even a relatively short time ago. By bringing in a drone photographer onto your shoot, you are almost guaranteed to elicit a higher level of positive response and engagement from your audience, as is evident from the viewership numbers you can find associated with such videos on platforms like YouTube, and, undoubtedly, your own personal enjoyment.



If you’re ready to take your production to the highest level, your first question is probably about the costs of hiring a drone photographer to achieve it. Surprisingly, drone photographer costs are affordable and of the highest quality when you partner with Drone-Pictures. We have been in this business since the beginning with over a decade of experience filming for clients across a wide array of industries and budgets. The costs of hiring a drone photographer from Drone-Pictures isn’t a one-size-fits-all affair, however, but we can give you a decent estimate of what you can expect to be spending based on daily rates and project scope.

Drone Photographer Costs

The costs of hiring a drone photographer vary because Drone-Pictures can handle your video production from A to Z. From both aerial and ground images to writing out conceptualizations and delivering them in the vision you created upon completion, our services are fully comprehensive from the beginning to end. We even do audio mixing and voice-over work. That means there is no maximum cost – how big your project needs to be is up to you. We do have some references to use as a minimum estimate of costs of hiring a drone photographer based on hourly and daily rates, as follows:

Drone Mavic 3 in single-operator mode (single pilot) audiovisual (photo/video) services will be 400,00€ for the 1st hour; 600, 00€ for 4 hours (1/2 day); and 800, 00€ for 1 day (8 hours + 1-hour break).

Drone Inspire 2 in double-operator (Pilot + cameraman) with Zenmuse X5S camera, H264 codec, 3 Zuiko lenses. Optional: X7 camera and lenses – Raw/ProRes codecs audiovisual (photo/video) services run from 650, 00€ for the 1st hour; 950, 00€ for 4 hours (½ day); and 1350, 00€ for 1 day (8 hours + 1 hour break).

These drone photographer costs do not include any applicable taxes, options, travel expenses, or administrative costs. There are discounts available for multiple-day shoots.

Drone-Pictures offers you the highest value included in the costs of hiring a drone photographer based on its quality of technology, as well as professionalism and knowledge base. Pilots are licensed to fly throughout France and Europe, and we carry the mandatory insurance (RC) for any french drone operator (AXA). You can view our work for yourself and see why we are the best in the business at our Drone-Pictures website.