Submission guidelines

In this new version of Dronestagram, we wanted to go back to the basics, namely the photo, exclusively, as explained in our manifesto. It is therefore no longer possible to post videos.

We really want to make Dronestagram a unique and reference place for drone photography, and by extension, aerial photography or “view from above”.

For that purpose, we are now very sensitive to the quality of the pictures published on the site, and we ask you to comply with the following rules:

  • Please post only your own original pictures
  • Pictures should neither display any watermark nor logo
  • Pictures promoting commercial activities are not accepted and will not be published (or removed if previously published)
  • Only HD pictures
  • Take time to write a valuable description (min. 150 words, when, where, how the picture was taken…), it will help for a better ranking in search engines and for the popularity of your pictures
  • You can post several pictures at a time, but avoid posting several similar photos of the same landscape, just choose one or two of the best views
  • Avoid pictures with excessive sharpening, noise, visible dust, color banding, posterization
  • Don’t forget tags

We reserve the right not to publish or to suppress any picture that is not compliant with these Submission Guidelines or our Terms & Conditions