Find and Buy Drone Stock Footage & Photos with HOsiHO

Dronestag is owned since january 2022 by the HOsiHO drone stock images agency. Lets have a look on what it is all about!


HOsiHO is a premium drone stock images collection, that is hand-picked and shot legally by 280+ professionnals artists, drone or helicopter pilots.


Where Can You Buy Drone Stock Images?

It is important to emphase that for a stock images buyer, purchasing drone pictures from a reliable source (for instance like HOsiHO), allows the client to use that image in cinematography for private or commercial needs and any other audiovisual project.

Is It Legal To Purchase Drone Stock Footage and Aerial Photography?

It is legal to fly drones in many places around the world, including France where we are based.

At HOsiHO, we adhere to the drone laws in France set forth by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency.


Here is the Editor’s Picks gallery that showcase the very best aerial videos and photos that you can license with HOsiHO :


To license a dronestock video/still on HOsiHO, you just need to click on the thumbnail. It will open the image page on the main website and you’ll just have to follow those steps:

  • choose a resolution (ranging from HD720p to 4K+)
  • choose the Primary Usage you intend to use the image for
  • if available, choose the codec you need for your project: H264/265, ProRes Files, Raw Files

For more insights on how to use the search tool or any question, please read the FAQs.


Why Would You Purchase Drone Stock Videos or Photos?

There are many reasons you may be interested in purchasing drone footage or stills.

Drone stock footage can be used for cinematography, allowing businesses (including filmmakers) to produce stunning overhead shots. Drone footage can also show animal behavior that researchers or documentaries may be interested in buying from you, or perhaps a client wishes to have overhead footage of their wedding or another special event.

Drone footage can also be used to showcase real estate, and it may be of interest to tourism-focused locations such as businesses that host mountain hikes or whitewater river runs, in order to show off more of the location from a much more stunning angle than most people without a drone can manage to show themselves.

HOsiHO has galleries full of drone images you can buy, and best of all, you can always rest assured that any images or footage purchased from HOsiHO are legally filmed and legally sold. We provide the images so you can use it and make the magic.


How Can You Purchase Drone Stock Footage Using HOsiHO, Drone Stock Image Bank?

You can find thousands of drone footage clips uploaded in our galleries. After selecting a clip, you will see that it is available to purchase for commercial use, and after selecting the resolution you want it at, you will see the price.


  • TIP – You might not require an image or clip in 4k. You can save money by ordering at HD1080p or 720p instead, and still receive high-quality work at a discount.


HOsiHO‘s teaser : this video gives you a good idea of the quality and creativity of the 60,000 drone stock footage represented by the aerial stock images agency.


Can’t Find The Image You’re Looking For?

  • If you’ve searched the website and still can’t find the image you’re looking for, you can fill out an Image Search Request. It will take a few days to secure the requested footage, but this is a great way to find what you’re looking for and know that it came from a reliable and legal source. Plus, you don’t need to commit to buying anything from HOsiHO in the process.


  • If you have a very specific request of what you want filmed, such as footage of a private area that you own that would not normally be obtainable for drone fliers to film without permission, then a commission may be better suited to your needs. HOsiHO with its Drone Pilots Network B2B platform can help put you in contact with nearby drone fliers who can fulfill your request to your liking: the perfect option for those looking for high-quality footage for weddings, tourism, or many other uses (France only at this time).


  • If you’re looking to browse and possibly purchase aerial photos or footage from a drone, HOsiHO can provide you with endless options of legal stock photos and stock footage, all obtained by professionals. View the galleries today to find drone footage perfect for your needs, or contact us with any questions you may have about our services.


  • If you’re a professional drone pilot with practice shooting high-quality aerial footage with your drone, then consider reaching out to us. We’re interested in viewing your work and rewards you well for your talents too. Please read the following article in order to apply and get familiar with the stock image banks.