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Lake Doxa – Peaks Karavi (Ship) and Nisi (Island) 2100m (4K UHD Version), Λίμνη Δόξα

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Lake Doxa (Greek: Λίμνη Δόξα Limni Doxa) is an artificial lake in western Corinthia, Greece. It is situated at an elevation of 900 m, in the municipal unit Feneos, near the village Archaia Feneos. Construction was co...

Valia Kalda – Aoos river – Arkoudorema – Vovousa – Flega (4K UHD Version)

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Drone footage of valley Valia Kalda, Greece. Pindus National Park, Valia Kalda The national park has an elevation range from 1,076 to 2,177 metres and is characterized by dense forests of European black pine and c...

A Spring sunset

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Βefore the sunset on the blooming peach trees in the plain of Imathia.

Lake of Polifito / Greece

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Aerial video from Lake of Polifito.

Paxos island / Greece

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The sea between the small island Kaltsonisi and Paxoi island.

The Bridge and the Time…

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An amazing spot from the city of Rio in Greece where the past meets the present magically...

Mainalo Ski Center, Arcadia, Greece

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I took the shot in Mainalo Ski Center

Before rain

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fly before rain

Fallen Angel

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Fallen Angel

A bit of Summer.!!

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A bit of Summer.!!

Lake Plastira, Central Greece

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Lake Plastira in South Pindos, Central Greece

Lake Plastira, Central Greece

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Lake Plastira in South Pindos, Central Greece

Lake Plastira, Central Greece

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A picture of a small island in Lake Plastira, South Pindos, Central Greece


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Hyperlapse-"Just for Fun".

Ano Doliana, Arcadia, Greece

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Ano Doliana village, Arcadia

The forbidden monastery

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For the first view, you might be little bit confused what you really see. For the second you probably realize that this a forbidden place, a former monastery, the magic ruin on the top of the rock, definitely magical ...


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St Nicolaos Anapafsas, Meteora, Greece

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As I was coming to gorgeous Greece Meteora for the first time, I had a very limited ideas what all I can see. I knew only this particular famous monastery of St Nicolaos Anapafsas and I have to admit, it is much more ...

Awesome Meteora in the sunrise

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I consider myself to be really lucky person, as I have visited this sacred place for the first time in my life, while it was covered by the snow off season! We got a legal permission to flight a drone over this peacef...

Beautiful lake Greece

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Pamvotida lake at Ioannina Greece, sunset picture from drone Yuneec breeze 4K on December 2018