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Aerial view of a beautiful forificated church found in Romania.

Lake Oasa, Transylvania, Romania

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Lake Oasa, Transylvania, Romania

Infinite Road to Transylvania (3)

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Infinite road to Transylvania. Yes, THAT Transylvania. In Romania, of course. This is the road that goes to Sighisoara, Count Dracula’s birth place. The legend says that this is how he sees the country, in his nocturn...

Rupea Fortress, Transylvania, Romania

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Rupea Fortress, Transylvania, Romania. Aerial shot with a DJI Phantom 4 drone.

Road to Transylvania (6)

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Infinite road to Transylvania. This is Cheia DN1A road that leads you to the infamous Transylvania. YES, that Transylvania! Or, as some legends say, this is the view that Count Dracula himself saw on his nocturnal fli...

Road to Transylvania (5)

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Road to Transylvania (5)

Transfagarasan road, Transylvania, Romania

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Transfagarasan - maybe the best road in the world!

Varghisului Gorges, Transylvania, Romania

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Varghisului Gorges, Transylvania, Romania

Love the road!

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Love the road! Truck on winding road trough the forest, Romania. More on facebook.com/thedrone.ro and instagram.com/thedronero

Rupea Medieval Fortress – Transylvania

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Rupea Medieval Fortress - Transylvania

Rasnov fortress, Transylvania, Romania

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Rasnov citadel (Cetatea Rasnov) in Transylvania, Romania (near Brasov). Aerial view in a foggy morning, January 2017. DJI Mavic PRO drone.