2016 Drone Experience Film Festival’s candidate : Dudley By Drone

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Dudley is a small industrial town in the West Midlands of England. It has had its criticisms over the years of being 'run down' but most recently and publicly by Piers Morgan who stated 'I can't think of a grimmer panorama than Dudley at 7:37 in the morning'. So I used my drone to show Dudley and its beauty. For me, my drone has given me the ability to show this small town in a light it's not usually seen in. Is it the most beautiful area to shoot? No. Will you see the most breath taking landscapes? Possibly not. What it does do is give this little town a fighting chance to prove the critics wrong. All made possible with a drone.

Images et réalisation : Dean Russell
Production : DEK Images
43.196323, -75.729785
43.021255, -76.002095