4K Drone Video of Portland and Oregon Coast

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4K Drone Video of Portland and Oregon Coast
© All rights reserved - by Bob Cronk

Vague océan atlantique plage de Lette Blanche - Landes France.
under bridge

  1. Very nice footage! I just subscribed to your channel. Do you mind helping me out and subscribing to my drone channel? I want to get my subscribers up. My goal is 100 subs this year. Thank you and keep up the good work. Will use your channel as inspiration.

  2. Hi, 'd like to talk to you about some of your shots from your Portland video. For real. My name's Billy. It's for a short film I am directing and I could really use your help. I'm shooting LA for Portland because…well, aren't we sick of seeing LA on screen? I'm unemployed and can't provide much to license out footage but was just hungrily curious if you're willing to help a filmmaker stranger out. Thank you. Please email me at Safflare@gmail.com. This is for real (and I am serious). Not spam.