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4K UHD – DJI GOPRO – Visit Portugal – Minas de Rio de Frades – Video

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Another trip to memory, recorded in 4k udh, this time in Minas de Rio de Frades, Arouca. Recorded jointly by my DJI drone and GOPRO. A fantastic trip through our Portugal, which has so many things to visit and very close. It was a great adventure to find this waterfall, we went through another abandoned mining community and then we went up the river in an attempt to reach the waterfall not knowing that there would be an alternative trail. But as they say, what counts is the journey and not the destination. We walked through the middle of Rio, we climbed mountains, in short, it was a very special adventure until we reached a point where we didn’t go any further and chose to go back and find an alternative. And the alternative was undoubtedly much better, which I never thought of was to cross the heart of the mountain, that is, through its interior. Great trip and will always stay in memory.

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