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4K UHD Drone Flight Over Portugal – São Pedro Do Sul

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Another trip through our country, another 4K UHD movie from the Drone Flight Over Portugal series in the São Pedro do Sul area. Leaving on a Friday from Lisbon following the A8, A17 and A25, we went to São Pedro Do Sul, Uma Terra spectacular. I witnessed a Natural grandeur, a gigantic freedom. From Natural Wells, Waterfalls, Beautiful Landscapes, spectacular and delicious food. I invite you to know this wonderful land. We set off to do the Volta do Impossível walk, a trail full of landscapes but which it was not possible to do in order to know a little more about the localities of the schist villages, the wells and the waterfalls. I leave you this little film I made with the Drone and the GoPro…

Sunlight Rock in Gulangyu Island - drone photography
Flotte de bateaux semi-rigides en mer - Photographie par Drone-Pictures Marseille