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4K UHD Flying Over Portugal – Aldeia da Pena

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Another visit, another video from the 4k UHD series Flying Over Portugal, to one of the most emblematic shale villages I visited, Aldeia da Pena. Located in Seia da Serra de São Macário, this village of formidable people and quite hospitable, I talked to local people at the cafe who showed us and recommended directions without any problems. Good People No Doubt. I was fascinated to have found goats in the middle of the altitudes of the mountains, I tried to film with the drone without scaring them… The Landscapes…. I prefer not to say it, discover it for yourself. It’s breath-taking. Access is not easy, because when we passed, there were works on the road. Maybe you are luckier than me ;). I leave you with this little film. Hope you like it 🙂

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