5 DJI Mavic Pro Shooting Tips, Tricks & Ideas!

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5 DJI Mavic Pro Shooting Tips, Tricks & Ideas!

DJI Mavic Pro (Amazon): or DJI.com (Global shipping): Watch my last Phantom 4 shooting tips video: …


46 comments on “5 DJI Mavic Pro Shooting Tips, Tricks & Ideas!

  1. Hi Ben. I took a 4k footage today with my m2p and it sucks. It is saved in mp4 and what I can see on my computer is a sort of fragmented video, it's like it stops every 2 seconds. How can I correct it pls so my next footage will be fluid?

  2. I would say only panning is the most boring shot you can do on a drone, instead you should try moving forward and then start turning the drone to the area of interest, just my 2cents, regards.

  3. quick question for the pros. i've never flown or owned a drone, but i want the DJI Mavic Pro drone asap. can i start with the DJI Mavic Pro or could someone recommend a starter video drone? thanks!

  4. Hi Ben. Your shooting techniques are very helpful. I would like to know also what your camera settings were as well as your firmware version. I see so many posted videos but no one ever lists their camera settings.
    Thank you,

  5. Hi, greetings from Centra America, i need help with my phantom3 pro. I recently fixed it after many mistakes and finally it works but still has some issues with the system and the controllers. My batteries are not new, is it possible that one of the reason why it has those inconsistencies?

  6. Nice tips thanks! Just purchased this for my trip to the Philippines at the end of the month. The footage looks like this was shot in San Diego? If so are there areas in San Diego you recommend beginners to practice? I was thinking early morning in La Jolla or Imperial Beach.

  7. AuthenTech – Ben Schmanke
    Your video's are awesome you deserve to get more subscribers.
    btw I also have the DJI Mavic Pro, and I love it, it's portable, and capture beautiful images and video.
    Thanks for those 5 tips

  8. Hi, I have the Mavic Pro, and what I think about it, it's not bad at all, so much possibilities with the camera, very portable, this is the best point, but, I'm still more in love with the Phantom 4. Mavic Pro, got too short legs in my opinion, and often it can be a serious problem for the gimbal in some landing or take of. 

    I like more the Phantom 4 also because more powerful, more stable, in my opinion, the Magic, it's a good gadget, useful in certain footage situation.

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