A lion, a crater and a fire

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Crashing into a crater, disturbing a lion and escaping a fire - sounds like a lot of clickbait but this is actually all inside this little flic :) We went to South Africa - which by the way is a really awesome part of this planet - and Iactually brought my entire quad gear with me. Why, you ask? Well, incidentally South Africa became one of the first countries to have comprehensive drone law AND there's stuff to see ! I also did learn a lesson or two out of this experience. One was that 5700 feet elevation (about 1.7 km) and a heat of close to 40°C translate into 25% thinner air and thereby into a poorly tuned quad (which I orignally PID tuned at home, that is at sea level pressure and typically 20°C). Another one is that craters eat quads.
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