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Located in the Urkiola Natural Park, Anboto is one of the most emblematic summits in the whole of Euskal Herria. At its peak (1331 m), the first mailbox of Basque mountaineering was located just over 100 years ago. At present, there is another ax-shaped mailbox dedicated to the Basque expedition that in 1980 successfully crowned Everest.
Legend says that in the cave located on the eastern wall of Anboto lived Mari, the main goddess of Basque mythology, personification of mother earth, queen of nature and all the elements that compose it.
After a few days of intense snowfall in the highest levels of Basque Country, many families took advantage of the festive December 6 to enjoy the snow in the valleys of Urkiola. Some of us decided to hike to Anboto in order to enjoy the wonderful sunset of that day.
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