Annecy, France

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Soleil couchant sur le vieille ville d'Annecy en france.
Plage du Chauchy, Saint-Prex, Suisse
Platania, Drama, Greece

  1. The Rise and Fall of the Maison PACCARD

    Great picture that would be difficult to get with a conventional flying machine (authorizations…)

    In the foreground, Quai (pier) Perrière and the former mansion of André Paccard, who made a fortune as the main architect & decorator for King Hassan II of Morocco. For 15 years, he developed his decoration agency in Annecy but cared for many more tasks, reporting directly to the King and the Palace via hundreds of daily telex [ancestor of the fax, hum, the email – that’s for you, young ignorants…].

    When 3 of his jealous employees conspired and drove him to fall into a royal disgrace, the miracle & wonder suddenly stopped. Most of the formerly courting “friends” disappeared and A. Paccard struggled to regain a new customery – on a much, much smaller scale… Sad and disabused, he finally left for the South Coast ; the mansion falled eventually under the control of one of Bernard Tapie’s companies, was turned into (luxury) apartments and the remembering of fastuous times dissolved slowly. A. Paccard dissolved himself into alcoholism and died far from his beloved city in 1996. RIP