Arkadi … the world symbols of self-sacrifices and freedom

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Arkadi .. the name that became a legend and synonym of self-sacrifice and freedom.
The Cretans who preferred to blow up rather than fall into the hands of the Turks wrote another golden page in the book of our glorious history.
The Holocaust of Arcadia became one of the world symbols of self-sacrifice, the struggle for freedom, and it is here to remind us that the Greeks have deeply rooted in them the ideals of freedom and independence and prefer to die free from living enslaved …
It was November 1866 when Crete was still trying to get rid of Turkish slavery and unite with the rest of Greece.
A little outside Rethymnon at the Arkadi monastery was the headquarters of the Cult Revolutionaries of the area. There were about 1,000 people fortified with the 250 being ready to go, while the rest were women and children. They were trying to ward off the siege of the Turks, who, with 15,000 soldiers and heavy armor, raided them with a rage.
When on the second day the Western wall of the Monastery was demolished, the Turks tried to come in and slaughter.
The fortress had “fallen”, but they did not say their last word, the Cretans who were stamped in the explosive barracks warehouse and took the heroic decision to blow up and take with them the more Turks
they could…
They preferred to die free rather than live enslaved!
This sacrifice became legendary and managed to shock and sensitize the entire Western world and the great powers that until then were indifferent.
Personalities such as Victor Hugo and Judepe Garbaldti immediately supported the struggle of the revolutionaries and created a wave of sympathy that catalyzed the much-needed freedom of our country …

Filmmaker: sarantos nikos
Το τραγούδι Hero Down του καλλιτέχνη Kevin MacLeod έχει άδεια με βάση το εξής: Creative Commons Attribution (…)

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