Australia Sydney Sunrise 4K Drone footage – Curl Curl Beach ( DJI Mavic Air )

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© All rights reserved - by DJ Nick Kim
Curl Curl Beach Australia in 4k - DJI Mavic Air Drone

I was thinking where can I take some different style of Drone Footage.
As many of you already know, there are many no drone zone in Sydney.
I came up with an Idea which is Filming a Sunrise.
Arrived Curl Curl Beach at 5:20am and been waiting for the Sunrise.
but When Sun started coming up My Mavic Air had an issue which is "Gimbal Overloaded"
I could simply fix it by Putting Gimbal cover up and re-start the drone.
but while I was doing this Sun came up completely which is very sad.
so this video contains very short sunrise footage.
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