Baía da Amora- rio Jordão

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The history of the Amora begins at the time when the Seixal was formed, in the time of the Romans, where they made exchanges between the two settlements, being a merchant settlement. After the Arab invasions in 790, Amora was a Quintas area with vast gardens, mainly with vines and mulberry trees (probably originated the name "Amora"), in which they remained until the end of the construction of the Bridge 25 of April in 1966, conserving In the present streets, its old name. On the foral of Seixal, in 1836 by the queen D. Maria II, the locality of Corroios always became part of the Parish of the Amora until becoming Village in 1993, becoming an independent parish of the Amora, sharing common traits with Almada and Amora.
Baía da Amora- rio Jordão
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