basse gorges du verdon, provence, france

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The gorges du Verdon. The water is famous for its turquoise colour, due to the minerals and fluorine it picks up from the alps. In summer the place is packed with boats and kayaks but in winter it was eerily empty and beautiful.
Benidorm, Alicante, Spain
Stadt Moers Park

    • Of course, pictures coming out of the Phantom look terrible without some polishing. But if you refer to the colour of the water, it is its true colour! “A combination of direct pressure and below-freezing temperatures causes the snowfields and glaciers of the Alpes Maritimes to erode the underlying rock. The resulting pulverized rock is washed into the Verdon where it is held in suspension as fine particles. The physical interplay between the sun’s rays and the fine particles conspires to reflect only the green-blue part of the visible spectrum”.