Bernardine gardens

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Bernardine Garden (formerly Sereikiškės Park) is located in the center of Vilnius, between the Gediminas Castle Hill, Vilnelė and the Bernardine Monastery. After more than a year of reconstruction in 2013, The park has been restored to an authentic environment of the 19th century, in accordance with the design of the artist Wladislaw Strauss.

The park has regained the historic name of the Bernardine Gardens, because, according to historians, the Gardens belonging to Bernardine, for centuries, have been installed in most of the area. It is a memorial to the monks exhibiting the garden with medicinal, herbal, nutritional and tea plants. In the park you can see the restored elements of the old parks: a rock garden, a pond, a Belvedere hill, a central square, stroll along the Vilnelė, and admire the fantastic historical places, one of which is musical. The park also has a rosary, children's playgrounds.

Particular space of the park - Botanical exposition dedicated to the 18th century It is one of the largest Botanical Gardens in Eastern Europe. In the exposition, you will see ginkgo biloba, yellow dogwood, canadian poppy, black pine, and three of the oldest oaks in Vilnius. Incidentally, the oldest oak of Vilnius, which is about 400 hundred years old, is growing next to the entrance to St. Bruno Street.
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