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Best Drone Video Footage 2018

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Best Drone Video Footage 2018

Some of the best Drone Videos I have captured – This Drone footage is awesome. The drone videos in this compilation were all filmed with drones such as the …


Castello dei Doria
Chicago 4K Drone Video

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  1. Awesome footage.
    I saw your video with Ready Set Drone reviewing the Epson Moverio BT-300 FPV edition.
    Have you purchased a pair of the Epson glasses for yourself?
    Please reply

  2. good stuff, over water is always nice. I always like the in the clouds view. I moved here from Cali/Ariz and love it when we see that around here. -Mark aka Guitarlo

  3. Thanks for watching. i am going to try and start adding some compilation videos like this monthly of some of my favorite drone shots. which one is your favorite from this video?