BREAKING Chris Watts Case Files – Drone Footage & Crime Scene

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BREAKING Chris Watts Case Files - Drone Footage & Crime Scene
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The city of white nights - Saint Petersburg drone video Город белых ночей, аэросъемка
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  1. I'm A proud dad w custody of my dghtr and get upset if my dghtr has a bad day at school, worst fear is something "SERIOUS " happening to her!! I don't know how a human can hurt there own child, never mind murder your entire family!! Should've killed himself and let them live on- worst crime in the book!!

  2. When I sleep at night, and randomly wake up (which happens quite often – very light sleeper 🙋🏻‍♀️) all I can see in my mind is this field. All I see, every night, for weeks now, when I wake up is the opening of the tanks, imagining the baby girls’ bodies going down and a body being dragged inside a fitted sheet. It’s haunting me. I found a prayer in Shanann’s father FB that he posted, and I’ve been praying it myself every day. I feel so attached to this case. I truly hope Shanann’s family feels their spirits all around them, all the time 🙏🏼

  3. He should have been strapped to the electric chair the second he confessed.
    It should be a mandatory death sentence any time innocent lives of children are taken like this.
    Then we have his wife and in born child. Now we get to spend hundreds of thousands keeping him locked up for life.
    Maybe jail house justice will do what we should have.

  4. They should have made him stand right there as they pulled his family out of where he threw them away. He should have had to see the horror he caused so it would be burned into his brain forever.

  5. After dumping his kids and spending 30 minutes digging a grave for his wife he took a picture of those wildflowers to send to his mistress. The flowers in the field where he dumped the body of the person he killed.

  6. Makes me wonder whether this idiot was planning to set a huge fire knowing they had a leak at the oil tanks and burn everything to the ground..Just absolutely a wicked wicked mind and Chris Watts will never admit to the premeditation because awww the poor dad who really really really would die for his kids, doesn't want to look like the monster he really is..

  7. When they show them measuring the opening that he pushed them babies through, it makes you see how SICK this man really is. DEAR GOD, HOW CAN ANYONE DO THAT TO A BABY, LET ALONE YOUR OWN….Breaks my heart!!

  8. Those adorable little girls. It just breaks my heart looking at those tanks. Those lil ones could have been getting ready to enjoy christmas with mom if it wasn't for this punk ass dad. I pray his torment is beyond extreme. No sleep. Constant nightmares.

  9. 8 INCH HOLE??? WTF !!? This makes knots in my stomach. I cannot fathom how two precious innocent little girls were STUFFED in there. It would not have been easy to slide them in. The lack of conscience to get them to fit his own flesh and blood through there is enough to make me vomit.

  10. Does ANYONE else still find it absolutely eerie that CW'S sent that Jezebel NK a freaking pic of flowers (because she loves flowers ugh) & the picture he sent that woman had two oil tanks via the bk ground? I still find it absolutely disturbing. JS. I so want NK to be POLYGRAPHED……And I still feel they were together longer. That one card states after one year! I have seen too many true story movies on LMN /etc …where the mistress is so jealous of the wife/other woman, and is so insecure having her kids in the picture, that they legit tell the man "me, or them" ijs.

  11. I gotta give it to the First Responders, detectives, & all law enforcement that have to deal with these situations. Its so gruesome to think of, let alone having to strategize a plan to get the girls out while being face to face with the evilness that had done this to them. I couldn't do their jobs.

  12. It seems like all he needed to somehow get away with this, was more time. It gives me the chills to think that the reason he dumped his baby girls in that tank was to have the corroding properties of the oil dissolve his girls body. I am so thankful he didn’t get the time to do anything to further hinder the investigation. He didn’t have time for plan B

  13. I still feel NK is involved in this like someone said he changed and showered somewhere but where and what haunts me is the pic he sent to NK the photo of them flowers with the oil tanks in the background there’s more to this I hope the police are checking everything

  14. He shoved Shanann face down straight into the dirt and tossed the sheet with drag marks into the breeze. That fireman kneeling as they remove a baby from the oil tank 😭😭😭😭😭 DISBELIEF !!