California Camp Fire Drone Footage Aerial View Damage Compilation

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California Camp Fire Drone Footage Aerial View Damage Compilation
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enhanced the contrast a bit and slowed down 50%. Music by Daniel Birch.

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  2. I think we need to help these people during the holidays because they had nothing now and it's so bad that this was a happened to you what will you do so I think we should donate toys and close to these people maybe food can goods and try to give him some area to sleep for these family so if you can donate something for these people for the holidays and Christmas please do if this was going to happen to you what will you do this is one of the saddest things I've ever seen near the holidays we should help them just think Christmas is the time for helping other people in need not just saying I want to get this for Christmas please help these people but yeah this is very sad the guy that did the flying the Drone good job and please post telling people to donate for these people for Christmas

  3. we must help these people during the holidays please help these people they're struggling with so much I feel so bad for these people just think if it was your house what would you do I think we should never leave things home like toys and stuff for the kids and clothes and things they need all right happy holidays guys and if your house got burned down I feel very bad for you just hang in there that's all

  4. Does anyone see a pattern to where these fires have been targeted? They appear to be a deliberate attack on people / property in parts of CA. This is extremely heartbreaking to watch. I visited this part of CA in the 1990s and it was spectacularly beautiful.

  5. So if this aftermath was not normal don't you think firefighters would be talking about it, don't you think we would be blowing the lid of the energy weapons theory? Or do you think hundreds of us are in on it as well. I can't say enough times that yes, this is sad but nothing new whatsoever. Seen it all before over and over again. Its funny how all the sudden anyone watching you tube is now an expert on fire behavior over any of us firefighters with hundreds of hrs of training experience with fire . All normal. Sorry if that doesn't fit your conspiracy theories.

  6. MB… I think we need to start talking about ALL the missing people! How can over 1000 people be missing? It may be a lower # by now but it's still too many and I can't find one video on it… Thank you for all you are doing.. Reminds me so much of 911.. Compare the car's and the tree's. I live in Oregon and when we have a forest fire the tree's actually burn up.😕. Great vid!