Camino de Tielve- Sotres a vista de Drone/Drone Flying over the way to Sotres (Asturias)

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Drone flying the way to Sotres Asturias. Paisajes de España. Pueblos de Asturias. Drones from Spain Stunning footage shot entirely In the way to Sotres (Cabrales, Asturias ) on a DJI Phantom 3 Pro drone. Increíbles imágenes tomadas enteramente en el camino de Sotres (Cabrales, Asturias ) desde un dron DJI Phantom 3 Pro..Edit in IMovie. Music -Guardians at the gate by Audiomachine. Please note that I have no claim to the copyright of this track and use it here without making any ad revenue. See also in and
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Pine forest in Arsoun, Mount Lebanon