Canoes offshore of Diamond Head

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A postcard perfect view of colorful outrigger canoes anchored in crystal blue waters near the shores of Diamond Head. Diamond Head is a volcanic crater, and a famous iconic landmark. Its located on the South Shore of the Hawaiian island of Oahu, near the popular tourist destination of Waikiki. I created this image using my drone to take multiple overlapping images and stitching them into a single panorama image. I used Adobe Lightroom to merge the photos, and for minor color adjustments. No foreign elements were added to the photo, just enhanced what was already there.
Gear: DJI Mavic Pro
Date: 06-18-2018
Location: Offshore of Honolulu Elks Club 616,Diamond Head, Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii, U.S.
Photographer: Liana H.
IG, FB, Skypixel, G-mail: @CloudsAndCoral

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