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Carnkie Village and West Bassett Stamps

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A view from Bassett Stamps looking towards the village of Carnkie and the slopes of Carn Brea near Camborne. To the right can be seen West Bassett Stamps and the well preserved ore dressing floors.

In the village itself can be seen the engine house of Lyle’s pumping engine and whim. Lyle’s 80 inch pumping engine was built by Harvey and Co. of Hayle and erected in 1879.

On the lower slopes of Carn Brea just north of the village is the tall engine house and separate stack of a 40 inch stamps engine built by Tuckingmill Foundry, Camborne in 1875 to alleviate the mine’s previously inadequate stamping capacity. The stamps engine house stands above one of the finest surviving 19th century dressing floors in Cornwall where the ore was concentrated.

When both Bassett Stamps and West Bassett Stamps were in operation the resultant noise down in the village of Carnkie must have been intolerable. Although it is said that the inhabitants only noticed when they when they were stopped for maintenance etc. But by then they were probably half-deaf anyway!

At the summit of the hill can be seen the 90 foot high monument to Francis Basset, 1st Baron de Dunstanville and Basset (1757–1835). The monument was erected by public subscription in 1836. It is inscribed “The County of Cornwall to the memory of Francis Lord de Dunstanville and Basset A.D. 1836.

Carnkie, Carn Brea, Cornwall
Mt. Ceder, Western Cape, RSA