Catedral, Maringá, Paraná, Brazil

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The Basilica Cathedral of Maringá is the tallest cathedral in Latin America. Was inspired and conceived in the era of "Sputniks" (the word "poustinikki" means the pilgrim departs the world to become closer to God [citation needed]). Its architecture is modern and bold, was designed by Dom Jaime Luiz Coelho and designed by architect José Augusto Bellucci. It is the 10th time the monument in the world and the first in South America. From conical shape, has a diameter of 50 meters and a single nave, circular, with an inner diameter of 38 meters. The cone has an outer height of 114 meters, supporting a cross 10 feet, making a total of 124 meters. Its capacity is 3,500 people, which can be divided into two superimposed internal galleries.

Skirting the Cathedral are the mirrors of water, light sources with their fountain spouting water over 5 feet tall.
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