Cerro de la Memoria, Los Mochis, Sinaloa, MX

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“Memorial Hill” how the first North American settlers had baptized it, because there at its skirts they buried their first dead ones. Banderacahui, as the Indians called it, based on their cahita dialect.
Long ago that lighthouse that during the nights was a guide for travelers and a reference for the ships that sailed the waters near the “Mar de Cortes” ripping the vestments of the night with a light of hope that made shine the amused eyes of city and rural kids of that time.
But today the old Cerro de la Memoria rejuvenates each night wearing multicolor lights from the communication antennas that crown it, like Rey Feo of those carnivals that were the delight of past generations.
Here it is and here it will remain and shall remain memory of beings and events that will write new and extraordinary stories of this marvelous region.
For now, from its summit, “La Virgen del Valle” still from her stone tenderness, blesses those who come and the travelers passing down there to arrive safely to their destinations.
River with small island
River turn