Chicago, North and South Carolina

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The complexities of traveling and working in large cities can be overwhelming. Fortunately holidays with friends and family allow for an opportunity to escape the daily routines and challenges needed to refuel for tomorrow's opportunities.

Portions of this film highlight careless and illegal graffiti on natural rock outcroppings. ImageStream Press does not endorse that practice and is strongly opposed to this and other activities which disrupt the ability of generations to come to enjoy the natural world.

Filmed along the Chicago lakefront, North and South Carolina over several days in late December, Escape is a short airborne documentary of these wonderful landscapes.

Filmed with a DJI Phantom 2+, this film was largely shot in hands free autonomous mode flying a series of pre-programmed waypoints. Maximum altitude was 360ft AGL. Portions were captured with full piloting controls.

Music by Tony Anderson - "Pandemic" & "Kingdom of Heaven" and Light and Motion - "Sparks" & "Particle Storm" courtesy of the Music Bed.
Bali, Indonesia
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, USA