Colours of Peru | DJI Mavic Pro Platinum (4k)

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© All rights reserved - by Daniel Molina
As we were traveling through the south side of Peru, I realized that this is by far the most diverse country I have ever been. Peru is the country that you can get frozen rain and sun burn on the same trek, it is the country that you see snow, desert, city, coast and mountains not so far apart. It is extremely diverse with it's weather and a fantastic place to explore. Through the trip to this country, what intrigued me most was the colours I've seen in the 22 days of our trip traveling through this country.
Colours of Peru is a film that showcases our experience exploring this fantastic place and how we fell in love with the beautiful colours. It is unbelievable how different the landscapes can drastically change from one day to the other!

As I said before in my previous video, it was my first time flying the Mavic. A lot of locations made it very challenging because it was foggy or too windy, but this tiny and strong drone made it through perfectly fine. Can't wait to experience more with it!

I am aware that flying drones over Machu Picchu it is forbidden, that's why I was never over or close to the city. The shot taken in this video was from very far, almost at the Sun Gate (45min from the city). Fly safe!

As always a huge thank you to my fioncee, supporting me in every single shot, every step of the way... always there! I love you, babe. Thanks for everything!

Places you might have recognized in this video:
Miraflores; Paracas; Huacachina; Nazca; Colca Canyon; Puno; Cusco; Salkantay Trek; Humantay Lake; Aguas Calientes; Machu Picchu; Rainbow Moutains; Red Valley; Huaypo Lake.

Filmed with - DJI Mavic Pro Platinum
Edited and Colour Graded - Premiere Pro
Music - Apertura by Gustavo Santaolalla


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One sandy highway
La Dombes