Crusoe Reservoir Bendigo

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Done Setup Notes:
Drone setup is still ongoing. Video shaky or shutters when gimbal is in full lock. Need to look at setting some gains into the gimbal so it doesn't reach full extension. Getting around 7 minutes of flight time. Using a new battery voltage tester on the phantom to sound an alarm once each batter cell falls under 3.8V.

GPS and Mapping Data:

Equipment Used for Aerial Video and Photography

- DJI Phantom
- Gimbal with tilt / pitch
- Filmed in 1980 x 1440 X 30fps
- Removed fish eye effect
- Added Protune video effect
- FPV by Boscam 5.8Ghz 200mw
- 8 Inch Carbon Fibre Props
- GoPro Hero3

DJI Gains via Naza Software = = Default Used

Edited within GoPro Studio and Magic Movie Edit Pro 2014
Music: Waves - Mr Probz
Steynsrust, Somerset West, South Africa
Taiwan, Yilan, Su-ao Harbor