CUTE!! Jersey the Cockatoo Dancing Compilation | Cute Parrot Video Of The Day

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CUTE!! Jersey the Cockatoo Dancing Compilation | Cute Parrot Video Of The Day
© All rights reserved - by MARLENE MC'COHEN

Hey Sniffers, a lot of you ask me which videos have these cute videos of Jersey dancing and sometimes I can't remember so I found all these and put the best ...

The Beauty Of Nature
Evening Colors

  1. I know this is completely irrelevant, but something that really annoys me beyond belief is naïve little people who say that owning any bird no matter how you treat it is ‘cruel’, yes it can be if you do not treat it correctly, however it’s completely untrue.

  2. Hello Marlene do you have any tips on how to get your bird back because my cockatiel just flew away today and I love him so much and I really want him back so if you could please give me some tips that will be great.

  3. Omg!!!! Jersey steels my heart Every Time💖💖💖 lol! Liking the little flack jacket in the end! Gotta put your gear on when on the path of destruction 🤣😂🤣😂

  4. Awe so cute im actually looking into adopting a bird im looking in to a Galah like vinny or a Goffin and im looking into buying one in the next 3 -4 years so im makeing sure to do my research to make sure the birdy has an amazing home

    I have had a bird before unfortunately at that point i had no clue what i was doing and i havent found your videos quite yet i had 2 cocktails one i believed was 17 years old cuz it had a purple band on its foot that said 2001 the other one i didnt know how old he was but by the way he acted i figured he was much much younger
    I had them for around 3 years the first year and a half the younger one was starting to bond with me i got him to step up and ride on my shoulder for a little while (long as i had millet his favorite) well the older one just didnt want to leave her cage so i would leave it open and try to coax her out
    Unfortunately right where things where going good my ex boyfriend decided to start being extremely controlling and i was listening so for my safety my mother sent me to a group home meaning i only got to see my birds once a week i noticed the rest of the time they started getting very aggressive and straight up refused to leaving resorting to biting even when i simply changing there food and water and it hirt me to see my babys like that and ik they deserve much better than that so i decided for there happiness i was gona have to give them up we had to split them up the yonger one went first he had birds already so ik he was prepare and we never heard from him so im assuming he is going great
    The older one went to a home with 2 young girls who adore her from the second they saw her and i sat down with the girls and explained the little i did know about her (shes a singing bird,responds to her name and is very moody)then i told the bird i loved her and bye and walked away i heared through a email about a week later that she came out of her cage and was flying around
    Tears are coming to my eyes just thinking about the 2 of them
    Well anyway is there anyway you could make a video about vinny and what his needs are if im getting another bird i want to make sure im %100 ready

  5. I've just found your channel today because the animal love in me screamed 'I MuST paRrOT NOwW' and I've basically just been binging all parrot videos and channels (yours is particularly amazing haha). But I feel so sorry for what has happened to you. Front watching for the past 12hours I understand how much Picasso meant to you. I have faith that you will see that bird again, the bond that I can see will never keep you two apart forever. If I didn't live in England, I would be non stop searching for your bird because he deserves to see his momma and you deserve to have him back. I am so so so sorry that this has happened to you. Never give up, because the moment you give up hope is the moment you lose him. You will be reunited soon. Stay strong <3