Dimple Dell Park, Sandy, Utah, USA

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This shirt seemed appropriate for Global Running Day (June 1) I used my DJI Phantom 3 and Autopilot app. Drone shadow & sun halo... oops.

Autopilot details: Using waypoints mode, I set up the flight path by flying to where I wanted a waypoint, aiming the camera, then "Use Aircraft Position" to create the waypoint, which also adds a focus trigger for direction & gimbal pitch... this is similar to how setting up a waypoint flight works on my 3DR Solo, just MUCH less user-friendly. I set the default speed to 9.5 mph, but after my first try, I had to edit one waypoint up to 12mph so the drone would have a bit of a lead on me after the turn.
Halle, Belgium
Dimple Dell Park, Sandy, Utah, USA