Dji Mavic 2 pro night video footage h264 and h265 dlog

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Dji Mavic 2 pro night video footage h264 and h265 dlog

Clips shot on the dji mavic 2 pro using h264 nd h265 dlog music by ChrisZabriskie Candlepower buy this drone here..


44 comments on “Dji Mavic 2 pro night video footage h264 and h265 dlog

  1. Hi, would it possible to get a sample of the 10big hdr video file? Like a raw file sample from the mavic 2 itself, without any editing etc. I’m trying to find out if the file will play in hdr mode on my 4K tv or does it only play in hdr mode on TVs that support HLG HDR

  2. great video thanks for sharing as many have said, wish you could do the same with a M2Z for a comparison. Got into photography w/my DSLR and then when a friend got their M1Pro spraked my intrest then they also got a aspire and OMG im hookded going around with them and helping so much I have to get one myself, I went M2Z I know the general consensus is the M2Z is a joke full of gimics but never having one and with the lack of other equipment to make full use of the M2Pro, Im hoping the M2Z will be a great " get me feet wet/ stepping stone " for me. Again thanks for the video cant wait to see more, love watching and learning from those that obviously got in the water way before me. 🙂

  3. Wow. Movie grade footage there. Very nice. Held off buying a drone due to all the laws and living near heathrow airport so means it wouldnt get used enough to warrant the price tag. This is the one i will get eventually though. Thanks for the footage

  4. Thanks for making the video. I did notice a couple things pretty quick. In 8 bit h.264, it was jumpy, like my mavic pro 1 was (but not air?), then in the 10 bit h.265 it didn't look jumpy to me. It looked like the top right was a little more blurry than the rest of the picture, all my dji drones have had one area do that.. I know it was a night setting, so over exposing a tad for log like most people do isn't really an option, but I did see there was some noise with the d log. I would definitely use the 8 bit for night, it looks impressively clean, very surprising for a small drone!

  5. I've watched the dji promo a few times and for me, the superior image quality of the Pro is far more important to me as a photographer and videographer than the ability to do a small 2x zoom. And the Dolly Zoom effect, well that will be a cliche soon enough once we've all seen it in far too many vids. And it can be done in post with any drone, anyway, just not as easily. Yes, I see the value of a zoom lens for composition and framing, but just wish these 2 cameras were one camera…a 2x (or more) zoomable, 1" sensor camera!

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