DJI Mavic 2 Serious Issue Over Water ?

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DJI Mavic 2 Serious Issue Over Water ?
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  1. It did happen to me last weekend I was flying trying to follow my friend on a kayak over a lake in I was about 5 m over the water and the control was showing 20 metres, luckily I could see how high the Drone was, but somebody could easily get the drone in the water if they trust the altitude metre over the water.

    Also at home a couple of times I have tried to take off with the drone and 2 metres high it would show maximum altitude achieved, it actually happened about 2 hours ago, I landed and took off again and it was fine, the same happened when I took off for the second time over the water the problem stopped.

  2. I flew 6-8 feet over local river yesterday with fog right on the water and never an issue at all. I've flown the P4P within 5 feet and it wants to ascend as soon as it see's the water ripple. Love flying close to the water in many cases. I don't understand why your testing at 70 feet and 45 feet etc. Makes no sense. There's never been an issue with any birds in last several years with these atltitudes over water. It's only when it gets really close Bill. Biggest issue I have with the new Mavic 2 Pro is the front sensors being fooled too easy and stops the bird at certain angles into sun. Way more sensitive than my P4P is on that. So I just turn off OA when flying into sun at all now.

  3. It's water and not unusual if you are within feet of the surface. This is why you fly high so it doesn't effect altitude as much. Every DJI I have flown does this. I just flew feet over water and knew to watch it for immediate descent.

  4. I flew today my drone at night,and like a "bad ass "pilot has i am my auto systems where on,when i returned home to autoland on a parking lot that was little wet, just before it was about to land it automaticly stoped and prompted on my phone something like "warning, area does not seem to be safe für landing" and gave me two options "force to land" " abort landing" now since i visually saw that there is no problem other then the payvment is wet i forced the drone to land, i imagine this is how DJI is now making sure the drone does not lans in water when u fly or hower over it. This is simply My theory, i have and will not test this out . But u can if u want,let me know how it worked out.

  5. Hello Bill, I believe your tests too high for the mavic to really distinguish or to be affected by water. I have a mavic 2 pro and I have used it at about one meter over a swimming pool filming and it started dipping down, again I have used it following my jetski using point of interest at about 10 meters and again it slowly started going down. I shall continue using it as it is controllable 👍

  6. I flew Mavic 2 with older firmware over the windy Atlantic Ocean in South Africa to video & photograph the Whales, absolutely no issues at all . Altitude held perfectly fine

  7. I have a p4p that just turned off at 192 feet. I have no idea why. I have read other posts where this happened to others as well. Can you research this and find out what caused this. I have a new drone that I’m afraid to fly now.