DJI Mavic 2 Zoom vs Autel EVO – CAMERA QUALITY – Canadian Fall Colors

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DJI Mavic 2 Zoom vs Autel EVO - CAMERA QUALITY - Canadian Fall Colors
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If you own either of these drones, you have an outstanding camera. Both cameras produce a quality image. This is the straight out of the box camera settings.

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  1. captain drone….i just bought the evo and took it up for a test this weekend and looked at the footage when i got home… can you tell me why is my video so blurry right out the box… and everything is on auto like alot of videos i have seen i have used nd filters to with and without and the footage was so blurry. am i doing something wrong

  2. Ken said the Evo wins, you seem to say the Mavic Zoom wins. Personally, I think either drone is a decent choice. Quite frankly, I LOVE arguing in video comments, it's a lot of fun! However, the truth of the matter is debating the color palate in AUTO is really silly since all it takes is a small adjustment on the Mavic to change it. I'd imagine that the Evo has similar settings in the menu. What I look at is features vs cost. I'm sure hardcore Evo fans might argue this but based on the side by side data sheets from each manufacturer, the Mavic 2 Zoom just has more to offer.

    Mavic 2 Zoom:
    1. Much better range.
    2. 1080 vs 720 video transmission.
    3. Significantly better battery life in every test I've seen.
    4. Quieter.
    5. Zoom.
    6. Better obstacle avoidance.
    7. Better/more flight modes/quick shots. Hyper-lapse, POI, Active Track, Asteroid, etc.
    8. Better in app editing/sharing/live streaming.
    9. Onboard storage.
    10. Super res photos.
    11. Swappable camera.
    12. Smart return to home.
    13. LED lights.

    Autel Evo:
    1. 3.3" In display video screen.
    2. 4k60 video.
    3. No NFZs.
    4. My personal opinion is that the Evo is better in automatic than the Mavics.
    5. Dynamic Horizon Lines. (couldn't resist!)

  3. When are you going to get the Typhoon H Plus. You need to compare the camera quality to the new DJI's. I think the Typhoon H Plus has the best image quality of any drone under $3-4K

  4. Hello Captain Drone! I would like to change my mavic air for an evo or zoom but i have some question in regard of the evo? Do the props shows in camera view when filming? What about the signal strengh is it good? Do you happen to have disconnected or signal lost with the evo? I know the zoom is great for the connectivity, signal and range! I saw a video of Sean Ozz with is evo in the air and the gimbal is acting weardly like shaking from left to right when giving input….did you encounter this problem? I just want a goog drone worry free….if possible. It would be nice your advise for helping me make the good choice!

  5. Both of these performed very well. I was actually surprised by how closely they matched. If I were going to upload video directly without post processing, I think the M2Z image was more eye catching. But, I like to edit my footage, and the slightly flatter image of the EVO would be better for that. However, I'm a bit concerned about the gimbal motion of the EVO while it was just sitting on the wall. It looked like it was on a boat. Any idea why? Was the wind pushing the camera around a bit?

  6. Another great job with this quick little comparison! I, personally, enjoy your way of doing this as well as the previous "Versus" videos.
    I like your leaving them on "auto" as delivered and letting the viewer decide for themselves without any opinion by the person doing the review/comparison.
    Almost everybody will like a certain "look" and will tweak accordingly but the auto settings give a good starting point to see how the different manufacturers calibrate/emphasize a certain look.
    I still think that the MP2 has a "yellowish" tint though (as did my Yuneec Q500 4K)

  7. I love your work but in this instance, as we are looking at the fall colours it’s a shame you’ve chosen such a large black strap. The sky area could have been another option for captions. Just a thought

  8. Hi Steve, I think both are excellent, You should use 60fps for the EVO in your comparison, no point hamstringing one for the other. There is just a main point for me, I can go into any of the large chain store's and buy any DJI drone with what ever accessories I want, I cannot do that here in Australia with AUTEL. Also there is only $AU300 difference in the price over here, and I would have to buy everything online and have it shipped to my door, which means another problem I cannot hide the purchase from the wife which causes more problems, if you know what I mean.. So it's Mavic Zoom for me and I am loving it. Don't tell the wife :o)

  9. Much of the Autel Evo footage I have seen is still a little crooked to the horizon, even after the first fix. It seems that they didn't fully fix the problem. I would prefer the Autel, but I'm still wary because of this issue.