DJI MAVIC AIR : Paris, France

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DJI MAVIC AIR : Paris, France
© All rights reserved - by Joel

Every single clip in this video was shot on the DJI Mavic Air in Paris, France, NEW INSTAGRAM : @JOEL Hello , my name is Joel and i first uploaded in 2006, ...

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  1. Hi to all bogots – have you forgotten Phillip's Petita ''walk in clouds'' (in NY and other cities) – it was forbidden also… but quess what? now his is famous !
    Do not let politicians take out all of our freedom – their laws are not the laws of physics …

  2. Thanks for your video. I saw tour video about getting arrested in Paris. I’m going to Paris next year and I wanted to know if I could fly my drone there.
    Thanks for you advise.
    Good luck and I will subscribe to tour channel. You have nice content.
    Please do the sale if you like my channel. Hello from New York City!

  3. Hi this is Daegyum Kwon who is working as a producer in tv station called CJ ENM in South Korea. We are now in the project of tv show in France. We are really like to use your video in tv show.
    If it is possible please let me know about it. If you have any question, please send me a e-mail to

  4. bien bravo encore un qui de un ne sais pas lire (réglementation) et de plus il met ces connerie en ligne; déjà que c est interdit de voler en zone urbaine mais en plus paris (interdit tt aéronef); la le mec il fait très fort on te remercie pas de mettre du pain dans la bouche de nos détracteurs

  5. Thousands of fucking videos on youtube of crazy bikers who make 1000 bullshit in the middle of the traffic and now a 400grams drone becomes the most dangerous things of the world… Fucking amazing !!
    Great video Bro!! Hope that this stupid drone-law can change…

  6. Hello, Joel ! 🙂
    My name is Kyung Hyun, a staff working in CJ ENM broadcasting company in South Korea!
    The look of Paris in your video seems very nice and it makes me want to visit there so much.
    Actually our broadcasting company is planning on making a program. And through this, we are going to sell Korean food to people in France !
    If we show this video you made to people in Korea, I am sure that they will better understand and get good images of the place Paris.
    Is it alright with you for us to use this video for making the show?
    We will be waiting for you reply! Thanks!