DJI Mavic Pro Record Altitude 2.500m – 8.200ft – How to check wind speed

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DJI Mavic Pro Record Altitude 2.500m - 8.200ft - How to check wind speed
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This is a new record for my drone, flying at 2.500m over the sea in the island of Milos. I also give instructions on how to check the current wind speed on various ...

Dividing Line
Le marais de Brière

  1. This is why they introduce new restriction and drone rules, because there are people that don't now the sense of responsibility. If this 'toy' at 2000mt stop to work for any reason and follow down you can kill someone. You know that? Or you think the life is a videogame?

  2. I know there's no FAA there, but it's a good thing that no aircraft EVER fly anywhere near there. One of these days, one of you nitwits is gonna bring down an airliner and be responsible for the deaths of hundreds… that'll be the end of our hobby/avocation/occupation… not to mention, what's the point other than to prove insanity?

  3. Hello I was wondering if the antenna was modified in anyway. Like do you need range extenders or some sort of setup. Or is this stock hardware and modified software. Is the plane or controller put in a specific mode that gives it this range.? Thank you

  4. What if!!!!… there are other people who like to do the same in the region? not much! just 10-20 or maybe 50-100!!!! this trend of drones are just nonsence, annoying and cause great danger for commercial flights too.

  5. Just wondering, are those wind data sources the most accurate everywhere on the planet, or is there more accurate data available from other local national sources? I'm not familiar with how this worldwide wind data is collected at all, last time I checked it was something collected locally via weather balloons.

  6. hi, i have some questiosn for you. First, video is marvellous but, can you reach this altitude in Greece? is it allowed? 2) did you risk to crash with some plane flying there? , 3) when you lost the signal, how did you disconnect the auto-landing if you were disconnected?, 4) if you lose signal, what the drone does?stays there or lands to save itselfs? please let me know all these things, thank you.

  7. Congratulations! Another self obsessed D**khead looking to get the hobby banned. 400ft my friend. The rules are coming your way too thanks to videos like this 🍾

  8. It's nice but one can already have good satellite imagery for many places around the globe allowing for a very detailed mental picture of a given place, so I'm not sure about the usefulness of flying that high.
    I think it's more useful to be able to film for longer periods closer to the ground or do other things other than just filming.

  9. It's people like you that ruined this hobby for us!… what if there was a general aviation aircraft that was flying above your location at that altitude? You are the reason why they are abolishing this Hobby in Congress right now! Great Job! Breaking the Law….and showing the World…