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  1. The problem is that location where I usually drone have a pretty bad signal. So, I could not pre-fly it to record waypoints (often lost signal). I drone mostly above the highway to record traffic for my work. Could you recommend anything to autopilot waypoints? Thanks

  2. NOPE! sorry, this is way to clunky. Get autopilot form autologic and set yourself free. DJI has a lot to learn about this autonomous flight. I love autopilot, and there immense number of flight options. I have it on my Ipad air 2. Used it all the time for my P3A and it worked flawlessly. Sold the P3A due to the fact DJI dumped it for support, and upgrades. I am waiting for my Mavic pro to arrive and we'll be back in the flyers seat! can't wait. I am in no way paid by, or indorse Autopilot, i just plain love it!

  3. Having to fly a route to use the waypoint feature is a big disadvantage. You use twice the battery power to do just what again? DJI needs to modify the feature to pre-plan flights and upload them; like Litchi.

  4. Two questions. 1.) Around 1:50 into the video you make the gps take up most of the screen instead of the camera view, how did you do that?
    2.) I am attempting to use way points to create a downward spiral motion. I believe the gps waypoint screen tells you the exact location of each way point. As opposed to flying the drone around is there a way just to input the waypoints into the gps screen?

  5. If Waypoint #1 is directly above your launch point, later you can refly that mission from a cold-hearted, letting it self-run to Waypoint #1, fly the mission, then auto-return, to use minimum battery, and have identicle flights each time avoiding pilot input.

  6. Great video.
    First time I tried a waypoint mission it worked perfectly, now when I enter waypoints & press done, that altitude message is in red & the mission upload fails.
    Any ideas?

  7. Thanks for posting the tutorial. I just got my Mavic last week and did not understand how to set my way points. This was extremely helpful. Hopefully DJI will put out an update for pre-planning. However, DJI probably does not want people running waypoints without flying them first for the possibilty somebody will program a waypoint that has an obstacle in their route. Even though the Mavic has avoidance sensors, there is that chance it would fail while somebody wasn't paying attention. So they most likely don't want the liability of having that feature.

  8. Hey Mike, great job. I compared your video to the other guy Dylan that made a video that was similar in the fact that you recorded your screen to show us what the heck was going on makes it 10 times better.

  9. hi Michael and Good night
    i have two questions for you, what do you thinkg about the mavic functions in bushy jungles?
    and if i use the mavic whit no Internet even so the app Work?
    thank you nice job

  10. stupid feature. The whole purpose of waypoint flying is to allow you to PRE SET waypoints that the craft will fly. If you need to first fly the route and set waypoints, it defeats the whole purpose.

  11. Nice video. Thanks for the tips. On another note for you Mavic pilots; There is no need to spend $200 to $300 to pass the UAG Exam. You do need to study, its no walk in and just take test, but there are plenty of low cost and event free online tutorials. In my case, I used a GooglePlay app call UAS107. Used it for 70% (30% FREE YouTube sectional chart videos) of my prep for the exam; and the app only cost me $4. Passed on my 1st try with an 85%. My total cost to pass the exam:

    $4 for UAS107 app
    $150 for the test exam fee

    Here is the link to the app for anyone interested:

  12. Hi Michael. You're the man!! Thank you for all of the tutorials. I was wondering- during your waypoint mission, on each new point, the camera makes a sharp turn to face the new direction. Is there any way to smooth these turning points out so its like a giant loop, as opposed to linear turns?

  13. I seriously recommend you switch to Litchi or Autopilot for waypoint missions. DJI's implementation is garbage compared to either. Trust me – buy Litchi, try it out and you'll be amazed. Make sure to try designing a mission in their mission hub – instance sync to your mobile device.