DJI PHANTOM 3 | Best camera settings for filming aerials | Tom’s Tech Time

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DJI PHANTOM 3 | Best camera settings for filming aerials | Tom's Tech Time
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Create cinematic aerial videos with you DJI Phantom 3 ( camera! I'll show you what the best settings are to make your film look more ...

4K Drone Video | Saint-François, Guadeloupe
Perfect location for a paddle, boat, fish and swim. Cairn Curran Reservoir - Cairn Curran Weir

  1. As usual great video! Just one thing though:

    What is the difference between MOV and Mp4? MOV files are full 1080p files. Each video frame is compressed into a JPG in the movie file–this means that it has a large file size. MOV files will work in most editing programs, but they may not work in some PC programs. Mp4 files are also full 1080p files, and they are the international standard for sharing videos across the web. They use an H.264 compression, which allows for a high-quality video and a smaller file size. You can use Mp4s in all editing platforms, and they are easier for computer processors to manage.

  2. On my DJI Phantom 3 Advanced When i was changing ISO, first i was having very nice image with AUTO settings, then i changed to M = Manual and then i put ISO to 100 and Shutter to 50 and i couldnt see anything, everything was black..But the EV was on -2 and i didnt know how to change it to +0.7


  3. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for another great video. I've got the P3S. Was checking out the PolarPro filters, I'm wondering though, couldn't you just add some motion blur and de-sharpening in post to make the high shutter speed look more cinematic?

  4. with all the respect to you Tom and everyone here, I don't think it's good for the gimbal to place those filters because it makes pressure which is not natural for the gimbal to have. Any other thoughts on this subject?

  5. Hello Tom,
    I have a major issue when recording with my Phantom 3 standard. When I'm recording, any green areas, like green grass, trees, etc, pulse like crazy. I don't know how to describe it except that the green areas flash a darker shade of green and then it goes back to normal, all within a couple seconds. Please help! Thank you in advance.

  6. Today i flew the firstvtime with my phantom 3 standard with the standard camera settings. Now im looking at the footage and it all looks really cool, nearly a bit like black and white. Is the normal setting that bad or whar happened? Is it just because of bad lightning?

  7. Thanks for the great video. Is there any way in Litchi or GO to make the camera settings semi-permanent? Every time I land and swap batteries, all my camera settings vanish. It is very annoying.

  8. Hi Tom,
    I love your videos, very informative.
    Just one question, what do you think of using polarising filter which is adjustable in place of ND filter?

    -=ray from England