DJI Phantom 4 – A Hidden Capability

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DJI Phantom 4 - A Hidden Capability
© All rights reserved - by Ken Heron

Here's the new DJ I Phantom 4. I discovered something interesting it can do. If you would like to help make this channel better, kindly drop some cashola in my ...

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  1. Please help
    What if my controller is linked n aircraft takes off with gimbal control but zer0 "joystick" or movement controls. The joystick does not work on the stimulator either.

  2. I do not think I would go to copter source to buy but I do love your videos. Catching your drone would be for the Expert and not advised for anyone else. I imagine you are trying to teach the amateur and the pro; there should be separate videos for each catagory. I have one now but have not flown it, could I catch it probably but it would not be advised.. They do cause damage if you miss; better to be a two eyed earthling then one or zero. Proper landings will also hone your skills.

  3. Great video Ken! How did you get the motor to shut off with one hand catching the drone? When I try moving both joysticks down and to the center, my drone turned over hitting grass.

  4. May I ask which ipad  you are using in this video? It looks really large, but it fits. I'd like to get one so please be a little detailed on particular model since I know little of ipads, only familiar with the phones. Thank you

  5. Hey ken i dont know ifyouve flown youur dji in Henderso. Or finger Tn before but we got some nice spots that might be nice to video out here. Sadly my house is kinda a no fly zone up to a certain feet. Bc military air zone and public. Get alit of traffic at times ince iin awhile. Lol highest we got with my elite helicopter was 100ft with cleae day no clouds