DJI – Phantom 4: The Most Powerful Technology

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DJI – Phantom 4: The Most Powerful Technology

Dive into the heart of the DJI Phantom 4, and see how every advanced component works together to bring you an easy, unparalleled flight experience.


36 comments on “DJI – Phantom 4: The Most Powerful Technology

  1. classic bullshit baffles brains presentation – it maybe what it claims it is …but how the fuck does one dissemble all that exploding image crap – talk real guys ..we ain't all peasants bowing to your glizzy smart-ass rap – plain speak communicates to the less informed !!

  2. When is the DJI Phantom 5 going to be released? Also this is some of the features i think it should have. 360 obstacle avoidance sensors ,20 minute long battery life about 45 mins. And what everyone else would like. DJI the best of the best.

  3. Man, Casey…you ahve probly seen my poor mouthing. I don't have many years left and I've really got interested in quads. I wish I could go out with a bang bro. A Dji Phantom 4, wow waht a trip that would be…help an oldfan of the RC anything for years from cars to boats, to helicopters and now Quads. After getting burtn twice on ebay. Once for $140, second $46 ( ebay reembursed me on that on, gettin kinda frustrated. Just want 1 decent quad with 1 button take off/land and return to homw, still learning on manuel. mode. Gotta Syma 5c for training but I think Im ready for the big boy, The Phantom, eh, watta ya think brother, can ya help a man out, maybe a Phantom 2 or 3 if ya got one collecting Dust. God Bless !!!Jeff…214-772-7474. %807 McCommas Blvd. Apt #F Dallas Texas 75206…HELP !!!…LOL. i HATE POOR MOUTHIN' BUT HEY, GOTTA Epihone SG Pro with hard shell case I can add to the cause, Please !

  4. and people get this thinking it like a toy helicopter and crash it as soon as they fly it. seriously just start out with like a syma or a hubsan. i hate it when people crash and break their drones.

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