DJI’s Phantom 3 4K compare with Yuneec’s Q500 4K

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DJI’s Phantom 3 4K compare with Yuneec’s Q500 4K
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DJI's Phantom 3 4K vs. Yuneec's Q500 4K.

THE INSPECTOR (Japanese version) , Japan
Gimbal Settings on the DJI Phantom 4 Pro

  1. should of compared the Typhoon h480 with the Phantom series, in other videos it beat the camera and camera options and handling then the phantom 3 and 4

  2. Lol, another dji fan boy vid where the creator doesn't understand the platforms he's using. You did a 4k vd comparison in 720, really? Good God what an idiot.
    You: I'm going to compare the artistic differences in Salvador Dali and Picasso, but to do so I'm using recreated drawings by a 4 year old.

  3. Have to laugh at the negative comments and realize that they are coming from individuals that forked out big bucks for the Yuneec. Be honest with yourself guys, the images do not lie. The quality of video and stills show that the Dji is a better platform. Even the newest Yuneec Typhoon H plus falls short unless you use ND4 filters or after processing of videos and even then the Dji still has higher quality video. Hell, I own both Dji and Yuneec and I can be honest about the facts.

  4. I tested a typhoon black that does 2,5 km distance and over 1 km height ( fpv) … And nearly 1,2 turns..once non Sat bound it makes tremendous speed.. Seems that is an old Q 500 you tested? The Dji tested flew away for good though!

  5. I have the Q500. I use it purely for video. The main advantage over the Dji is the quietness provided by the big rotors. These days, the hobby attracts plenty of negative publicity so something that doesn't attract attention is a plus. Your video would be illegal in the UK as you flew at night, out of sight and over a built up area. The Yuneec doesn't need the big range because you couldn't see it anyway.

  6. I purchased a typhoon G and the package also came with the cgo3 4k cam, I will post my review of the cam soon but i will say this review is slightly biased/ this person maybe was unaware of how to work the cg03 cam. I'm rewatching this vid now after buying the yuneec drone(I watched before I decided when I was making up my mind). For many of the comparisons, if you use the cgo3 in pro mode you can definitely overcome most (if not all) of the issues OP had. Range and speed for sure is correct however the Typhoon G/Q500/Q500+(all same UAV) is super fast, if you're skilled enough to fly with no gps but that isnt practical for most ppl. Check out my review of the UAV so far if you want to know some more and help you make a decision to buy yuneec or dji.

  7. 1- I have both and the Q is just a toy basically. My P3's are amazing and make the Q look like a joke.
    2- The music sounds like EA sports Tiger Woods golf 2001 lol. Memories.

  8. Your reviewing the older Q500 and controller. The new one has had many updates that have seriously improved it in many areas. I also do not think the Q500 was adjusted optimally. Also its almost impossible to keep the blades on the Phantom out of the shots and videos made at any appreciable speed. FPV video link has been vastly extended with the new Q500 controller. Plus the gimbal and camera can be released from the Q500 and mounted on the hand controller. The drone controller has the screen built-in so a smart phone isn't necessary. But a smart phone can be linked to the hand control and used as a second control for in flight photography to share the load of getting the perfect shots. All this for hundreds of dollars less in initial cost besides the extras that come with the package. Also DJI is famous for total lack of support. Once they have your hard earned money their customers are out in the cold. Your only real claim to fame is the Phantom is faster. I'll bet dollars to donuts that you didn't have the controls set on the Q500 for quicker speed and response either. But when it comes down to it speed isn't a prerequisite to great photography and people who have spent a grand or more on their drones aren't concerned about getting from A to Z lightning fast. They are in it for the joy of flight and capturing the experience with the best footage possible. So haul ass and enjoy it until your equipment breaks down from being stressed out Flash.

  9. A massive plus of Yuneec’s Q500 4K is you get a ready nice well built steady grip gimbal. DJI Steady grip is so pricey. As photography package q500 wins in price and features

  10. Had a Phantom… smart battery malfunctioned and quad fell 75 feet to ground and busted. DJI never answered one email or phone support. Love that the Q500 is not a smart battery, but uses a smart charger. Will NEVER own another DJI product based solely on customer service. When I put that much money in the air and it malfunctions, I want a company that stands behind their product!

  11. A solid comparison on the image quality front, thank you. I like the Q500 better as a camera platform. It's quieter, slower, smoother, but at the end of the day image quality and range of custom adjustments wins out. I wish we could have the Q500 copter with the Phantom camera and interface.

  12. I thought you were going to test video, but you start with with speed tests? For a video drone you want something slower that isn't going to throw the props into the picture. I stopped watching. next do a fpv racing drone video and compare how stable each platform is for shooting still shots.

  13. If I wanted to race..the phantom 3 would be my choice, but I just want to take steady pictures with a drone that is easy to handle for the non-pro operator, and the video I take with my Q500 4K is great, when it is not viewed in a lower resolution like 720. I can enlarge it to run over 3 twenty four inch screens and it still looks great ….I will stick with my Q500 4K, and there are many pro adjustments you can use, that you probably did not even try……