DRONE da MONTANHA – Pico dos Marins/SP BRASIL 2015

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Pico dos Marins located on the border of the municipalities of Picket and Cruzeiro, state of São Paulo, Brazil.
In the "Serra Mantiqueira", named by lovers of Mountaineering Brazilian Himalayas that this peak with an altitude of 2422 meters, one of the high points of the Mantiqueira, considered for the highest decades the State of São Paulo, he now ranks second, getting second only to mine stone, in neighboring Sierra Fina.

In 1532, John III was the king of Portugal.
Sent to Brazil two pioneers with a mission to "harvest" gold and silver in our lands.
They started breaking the Mantiqueira and left by the São Francisco River Valley to reach the region of the Marins of Pico.
After two years of expedition, Brás Cubas (one of the pioneers) fell ill and returned to Europe with good amount of another and silver.
Luiz Martins - another pioneer - was in Brazil.
As he passed often the area of ​​Pico, christened it in the Martins region - because of the presence of pioneer.
Years later, the troopers coming down the mountain carrying the mines south of the goods to the port of Paraty, had a very poor, backcountry and rude vocabulary.
Therefore, they could not, while passing through the region, to pronounce Martins and thus spoke Marins. Baptism then occurred because of pronunciation error.

Source: Journalist Rodrigo Nunes - Newspapers Portrait Valley - August 2010

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