Drone DJI Mavic Pro Crash Compilation 2018

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Drone DJI Mavic Pro Crash Compilation 2018
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  1. All of these crashes are pilot errors. When you fly under a bridge, especially metal ones you risk the drone losing GPS connection and it switches to visual… The others looked like they had tracking feature enabled and didn't pre plan the flight path before launch. I've had my mavic platinum for a long time and I always treat each flight like my first and I stay aware of my surroundings.

  2. WOW! Some people just have no clue or plain careless. I only crashed my Mavic Air when I flew for the first time in my living room. No damage done. But I have improved my flying and can fly it inside the house. But honestly I usually fly outside in an open area with no obstacles. Yes it may not be as exhilarating as flying through tunnels or under a bridge or anything like that, but I just love flying my MA